7 Tips to a Good Appointment


  1. Implement a tax plan that is continuous. Your decision or lack of will affect your tax liability. PLAN AHEAD.
  2. File early. Early filers get speedy refunds, no penalties and get proper attention from the tax preparer.
  3. In order to best help your preparer, only bring those people to your appointment that will help and not distract you or the preparer. Your full attention is needed.
  4. Develop a checklist of needed information to prepare for tax preparation.
  5. In the event you want to file early and have misplaced records, here are some tips for getting the information needed for taxes.
    1. Medical records can be requested from doctor and pharmacy.
    2. Mortgage interest or interest income can be obtained from the lending institution by request or online.
  6. Make sure all dependent information is correct and current. Spouses make sure you change your name to your married name with the social security office.
  7. Be on time for your appointment. It will give you time to relax and have a good presentation of your records and circumstances.

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